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These are the services we typically provide to clients on a monthly retainer and/or project basis. 

The actual consulting engagement will be customized and specifically designed to achieve your business goals within your budget. 
  • Develop Social Media strategy as part of the Integrated Marketing Plan with focus on inbound marketing, driving traffic to your website and supporting your initiatives
  • Establish brand’s consistent online presence across multiple channels: LinkedIn, Twitter and others as needed/appropriate for your specific business (Instagram, Medium, Facebook, YouTube, Reddit, Quora, etc.)
  • Building on the base of hundreds of thousands of our own direct followers, deploy a hybrid content-driven approach (using your and relevant 3rd party content) to
    • Increase Visibility >> Generate Interest >> Drive Engagement >> Amplify Reach
  • Utilize paid social media as needed, placing tweets in timelines of competitors’ or specific thought leaders, influencers and/or brands (actual paid campaign costs will be additional).
As leading industry thought leaders and influencers, we use our substantial social share of voice to bring visibility to technologies and brands via a variety of platforms, methods and know-how. 
  • Establish regular ideas exchange forums for the target communities online to stay engaged and top-of-mind with decision makers
  • Host/facilitate Twitter Chats, TweetUps, webinars and other online/offline events.
  • Tap into vibrant communities on Twitter and LinkedIn to introduce your brand to new relevant audiences, such as #HCLDR, #pinksocks, #HITsm and others. 
  • As appropriate, evangelize on your behalf while being interviewed in podcasts, on video, for online/offline publications and more.
  • Develop long-form written content, for example LinkedIn articles, blog posts, deep-dive articles, whitepapers.  
  • Create multimedia content: images, video and graphics, live and scheduled Social Media posts, Twitter Moments to capture highlights, video and audio interviews, etc.
  • Create and publish Press Releases to publicise product launches, partnerships, Board of Directors appointments, etc.
  • Ghostwrite short- and long-form content.
  • Organically promote your original content via multi-channel distribution and amplification across our 470K+ direct social media followers and those in our Global Influencer Network (additional direct following of more than 1.5M).
    • LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, other channels as needed
    • Email campaigns as needed
  • ​When needed, recommend additional distribution platforms and methods to reach a targeted audience(s) for a particular piece of content or announcements/events. These would be on a case-by-case basis and in addition to the social media channels routinely used during our consulting engagement. 
We achieved 10x amplification for several clients during our engagements and/or conference coverage!
We will boost the ROI for the conferences/events you are organizing, sponsoring or attending by covering them and making sure you have sizable presence in relevant conversations. There are vibrant communities and conversations happening on social media around conference hashtags and themes, in which we have been recognized as top voices over the last several years. 
  • Use a variety of tools and know-how to facilitate interest and engagement and drive foot traffic to ensure you have a successful conference.
  • Develop and execute special programming as appropriate, for example host a TweetUp.
  • Provide wide-ranging coverage for conferences which you organize/attend/sponsor or speak at, including:
    • For several weeks leading up to the event, aggressively promote the conference across our social media channels and those of our partners in the eViRa Health Global Influencer Network.
    • On-site coverage including multimedia content creation, distribution and amplification as listed above.
    • Bookend coverage with a conference wrap-up including strategic recaps and event highlights, influencer lists, conference social media statistics, visual recaps and Twitter Moment(s).
  • When working with us, you don’t even have to be at a given conference to achieve a substantial Share of Voice. Remote conference coverage is typically included in the monthly retainer, while onsite conference coverage is offered for an additional fee.
With a proven track record of being top influencers at CES, HIMSS, Exponential Medicine and many other global conferences, large and small, we are looking forward to helping you generate great buzz, engagement and coverage for your brand!
  • Provide Social Media coaching and mentoring to management and executives.
  • Guide on opportunities for strategic leadership exposure towards building influence and thought leadership (e.g. podcasts to be interviewed for, panels to participate on, membership organizations to join, local speaking/networking opportunities).
  • Deliver training and enablement to your team on Social Media strategies, tips, tricks, tools and methods.
  • Coach on incorporating storytelling into your Marketing and Social Media strategy. 
We will partner with you to co-manage your brand’s Social Identities via your social media handles and accounts (which we will help you create, if needed)
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Potentially other platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Medium)
Additionally, building on the base of hundreds of thousands of our own direct followers, we deploy a hybrid content-driven approach across the following 5 dimensions. Here are the goals and the specific steps and tactics that will be deployed to achieve these results for you:
  • Establish presence with regular quality posts
  • Follow trends, find and join the right conversations
  • CURATE (via co-managing your Social Identities) highly relevant, targeted 3rd party content to inform and grow your base of LinkedIn connections and Twitter followers (multiple times per week).
  • SHARE your own content (e.g. news, blog posts, marketing collateral, website content) regularly with our personal followers and those of eViRa. 
  • STRATEGICALLY tap into eViRa Health Global Influencer Network to share your select content for even more visibility and amplification.
  • Deliver value to your audience by offering engaging content
  • Build thought leadership and be seen as an expert in the chosen industry verticals
  • TWEET with humor and intelligence on your behalf, via pictures, viral content, and well designed posts.
  • BUILD your community on Twitter and LinkedIn that over time will translate into leads and increased traffic to your website and/or other properties.
  • Articulate challenges you are addressing, offer POV and solutions
  • Use storytelling to drive traffic to your website and other properties
  • ADVOCATE for your solutions across our social media connections and followers.
  • ENGAGE industry and technology journalists, analysts, your partners, customers, and high profile end-users with RTs, mentions, and relevant insights around your offer.
  • RESEARCH relevant industry events and conferences, and increase your visibility on corresponding hashtags. 
  • ENHANCE your Competitive Intelligence by following social media activity of your agreed upon competitors, companies/people of interest, and business partners, and strategically engage with their followers.
  • Posts on our channels regularly enjoy high engagement and have a combined organic audience reach in the millions
  • Strategically tap into our Global Influencer Network for select content for even more amplification
  • PROVIDE consistent “follow the sun” global social presence during peak engagement times (e.g. outside US working hours, evenings and weekends in a variety of time zones/geos).
  • ASSIST with analyst relations outreach efforts, to ensure your message is strong and unique.
  • Regularly review and evaluate progress, share actionable feedback
  • Refine message, fine tune approach and optimize methods to maximize results
  • MEASURE your social business engagement impact monthly, with touchpoints as needed
    • new followers, likes, mentions, replies, top followers, top tweets, media views and more.
  • Product Launch Support
    • Create promotion campaigns around launches of new products or major features.
  • Fundraising and Investment Support
    • Streamline messaging, develop content & social media strategies in preparation for investment financing rounds.
    • Engage with and make introductions to potential funders and investors.
  • Analyst Outreach and Engagement
    • Liaise with relevant industry analysts, stimulating interest in your brand.
  • Media Relations
    • Tap into our network of media contacts and/or facilitate engagement with journalists, bloggers, editors and others in the media to increase awareness and generate coverage.
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