The influence online is not limited to a single topic, nor gauged by a single measure. Many companies actively monitor social media and many other inputs to publish regular influencer lists and rankings, and to help brands measure the ROI of their influencer marketing investments
Here are just some highlights of industry recognition of our Thought Leadership and Influencer status that would be relevant to your business.
eViRa Health founders Evan Kirstel and Irma Rastegayeva as well as their collaborators, including Daniel Kraft, Jim Harris, Sana Farid and Joao Bocas, are consistently seen as top thought leaders in:
  • DigitalHealth, HealthTech, Telemedicine, VR, AR, Wearables, IoT, AI, Disruptive Innovation and several other relevant technologies and topics.
Evan and Irma also regularly top influencer lists at major industry conferences and virtual events every year, including CES, HIMSS, Exponential Medicine (xMed), HLTH, World Medical Innovation ForumWorld Health Care Congress, American Heart Association's Scientific Sessions and more.
Irma and Evan have earned top Healthcare Social Graph Scores from Symplur, based on its trusted analytics and database of “tens of thousands of healthcare topics with billions of conversations and millions of healthcare influencer profiles”.
Evan and Irma were named in the 50 Top Digital Influencers in 2019 by IPFConline:
Evan in Digital Transformation and Irma in Health Tech (one of only 3 people representing HealthTech on this list, along with John Nosta and Brian Ahier).
Evan was named the #1 HealthTech influencer by a GlobalData report, ahead of renowned health thought leaders including Eric Topol, Daniel Kraft, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn and John Nosta.
Evan was named the 4th Most Engaging Digital Marketer by Brand24.
Irma was named in the top Women in Tech influencers and serves on the Board of Directors at the American College of Healthcare Trustees.
Twitter Chats
We frequently host Twitter Chats on cutting-edge topics that attract hundreds of participants and generate huge engagement. Recent examples include: 
Panels and Interviews
We regularly speak at or lead a variety of online events, including virtual conferences, panels, webcasts, podcastsradio interviewsto name just a few.
xMed (Exponential Medicine)
  • They were ranked the top 3 and 4 by SymplurRank, Social Media analytics and insights platform exclusively for healthcare, only behind conference organizers Exponential Medicine and Daniel Kraft

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